4 No Stress Tricks for Preparing to Sell an Inherited Property in Baton Rouge

Thinking about selling your inherited house? In this blog post, you’ll read about the 4 no stress tricks for preparing to sell an inherited property in Baton Rouge so you can sell it easily, with no hassle.

Selling a house can be frustrating, time-consuming, and even expensive.

In many cases, inherited houses can be even worse! Why? Often loved ones near the end of their life do not have the ability to make the necessary repairs and upkeep to keep it in good shape. This means headaches for you.

But all is not lost. There are ways to make it easier.

So if you want to sell your inherited property without becoming completely overwhelmed, here are 4 no stress tricks for preparing to sell an inherited property in Baton Rouge…

No Stress Trick #1 Plan Ahead

When most people want to sell a house, they just ask their friends if they know a good agent and then ask the agent to list their house. They don’t realize that they should talk to several and find one that works for them and is familiar with their area, or a multitude of other considerations that have nothing to do with the agent! Four of these considerations are below:

  • What are the monthly expenses on the property (utilities, grass, etc.) and what repairs need to be done? The next part of this is do you have a budget for these costs?
  • How long will repairs take? You would want to get these done before photographing the house for the listing.
  • What happens if you don’t sell it right away? Can you afford to wait a couple months?
  • What contingencies do you have if the real estate agent can’t find a buyer?

It’s stressful if these problems blindside you, but if you’ve already thought about them, you can eliminate a lot of stress.

No Stress Trick #2 Be Informed

If you have never sold a house, you should spend a little bit of time learning about the process. Your agent can help with that if you use one. Otherwise, there are many resources online to learn about it. This website is one, but if you want info from a third party, Homelight.com has a ton of good info (even though they compete with me sometimes). Do you know what the process is to sell? Do you know how long it will take? Do you know how much it will cost you? Is it even a good time to sell? Who is buying right now? Do some research ahead of time and ask these questions to get informed about selling.

Information is key to create realistic expectations, and even give you an idea about the worst case scenarios.

No Stress Trick #3 Get Consensus

Preparing to Sell an Inherited Property

This only is relevant if you are not the only heir to the property. If multiple heirs own the inherited property, you’ll want to gather your research and then talk to each heir to get a consensus. I run into people all the time who want to sell an inherited property, then the title work starts and my title company comes back and says actually we need this person and this person to sign the purchase agreement in order to transfer title. Or, after I make my offer, the person I was working with says oh sorry, actually my brother wants to keep the property. It isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but just make sure everyone is on the same page before you start the process.

No Stress Trick #4 Work With A House Buyer

What is a house buyer? Us. Local investors who want to turn your house into a flip or a rental. You can skip a lot of the legwork and hassle by selling directly to investors. We want houses that need work. We make the repairs ourselves. Heck, you don’t even have to clean the house first! We, and our competitors, buy houses fast (less than a month), with cash, and in as is condition. We even cover all closing costs. Since this is our job, we are talented at dealing with title challenges, liens, multiple heirs, and more. If we don’t know the answers. we can find them quickly (since we will be the first to admit, we don’t know everything and most situations are unique in real estate.

So one call to a company like ours is the best no-stress trick!


These 4 no stress tricks for preparing to sell an inherited property in Baton Rouge will help you finally deal with that inherited property without the hassle and stress!

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