3 Home Upgrades To Invest In and 3 To Forget About

When people begin thinking about selling their home in Baton Rouge, upgrades can be the first step many people take. However doing too much, or upgrading things that don’t provide much return can be a waste of time and money.

We have put together our list of 3 upgrades to invest in and 3 to avoid.

3 Upgrades To Invest In:

Do: Paint

Painting is something that almost anyone can DIY, and it isn’t super expensive. It also has the highest return on investment, especially in dated homes. I recommend neutral colors, since your goal is to make it appeal to as many buyers as possible, without turning them off. You can add pops of color with artwork or pillows to really make rooms come together, and neutral paint enhances this. While you are at it, fill any nail holes or dings in the walls with spackle.

Do: A Kitchen & Bath Facelift

upgrades to invest in kitchen
modern and comfortable kitchen

You might have heard that an upgraded kitchen and bathroom are two of the best areas to focus on when upgrading your home. This is true, but they also are the most expensive. Fortunately, there are some smaller, inexpensive upgrades you can complete that will really help your house sell but not drain your bank account.

New faucets, adding modern pulls, and painting your cabinets are all great ways to make a dated kitchen look more modern. You also can sometimes buy new faceplates for appliances like dishwashers to better match your other appliances while tying the kitchen together.

You can take a similar approach for your bathroom. Vinyl plank flooring is affordable and easy to install over your existing floor. Do a deep clean of the grout in your shower and re-grout if necessary. Replace any cracked tiles or loose bath hardware (toilet paper holders and towel rods). If the shower is in really rough shape, you can install a pre-fabricated 3 or 5 piece tub surround.

Do: Landscaping

Since the landscaping is the first thing you see when driving up to a house, you should spend some time and money on it to create that great first impression.

Planting flowers is easy, and spreading some mulch around your flower beds makes it look great. Trim the bushes and trees as needed. Make sure the lawn is mowed and the mailbox looks good (paint or replace as needed).

3 To Forget About:

Don’t: Finish The Basement

This can turn into a major project that can be both expensive and time-consuming. The numbers show you won’t end up getting back anywhere close to what you put into it.

In Louisiana, it is rare to have a basement anyway, but in the off chance you do, leave it to the next owner to customize as they see fit.

When pricing the home, account for the unfinished space and let buyers know that is reflected in your pricing.

Don’t: Add a Patio, Deck or Pool

Patios, decks and pools are great if you like being outside and have time to use the outdoor space. I put a lot of value on it, but the issue is they are really freaking expensive to build. You will not get your money out of them. If you have a large open area, use plants or pavers to clean up the space. Leave a custom deck or patio to the future homeowner.

Pools are another story. They are a pain to maintain and don’t add much to the value of the home. They will actually decrease the number of potential buyers too, since many people with small children don’t feel comfortable with pools.

Don’t: Do A Major Renovation to The Kitchen or Bathrooms

If you want to set the top price in your subdivision, then you need to completely renovate the kitchens and baths, but if you are ok with a little less, don’t go to the extra expense unless it is absolutely necessary due to significant damage.

In summary: Don’t over-improve… keep it simple!

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