5 Signs You Are Living In The Wrong House In Baton Rouge

Buying a home requires a significant investment. Finding a new one involves many considerations. Many people bought a house that was suitable for their needs at the time, but over the past 10–20 years, those needs changed and they may be living in the wrong house. How do you know you’ve chosen the correct property in [market city]? Or worse, what are the signs that you made the wrong choice?

Buyers Remorse 

Do you ever have regret about purchasing this property as you pull into your driveway? When you made your choice, was there a tight deadline? Did you truly browse long enough to view all the options? Were there even many options since the market has been so competitive the past few years? Did you look in one specific area or did you keep an open mind and look at many places? Do you think your home is actually too tiny to be comfortable? Do you too wonder why you have so much room? You have buyer’s remorse if you exhibit any of these symptoms.

Doesn’t Fit In The Budget

When you saw yourself as a homeowner, eating ramen noodles virtually every night to pay the mortgage was NOT what you had in mind (unless you really like ramen noodles like me). Does the house need more repairs than you initially thought? Did you start one project, only to uncover more and more issues that the home inspection missed? Perhaps this home doesn’t offer as much fun or financial flexibility as you had imagined. Perhaps the cost of your homeowner’s insurance exceeded your expectations, especially since many insurance carriers left the state after Ida. These are all indicators that you are likely living in the wrong house, one that this one doesn’t meet your budget.

Sometimes people buy more home than they can afford

Neighborhood Issues

The property could be within your price range, but what about the neighborhood? We have a rental that someone got shot next door to, and while we knew it was a little rougher neighborhood, that was a shock to us. Do you struggle to hear your TV over the loud music coming from the neighbor? Have you underestimated how much traffic passes past your home? Do you frequently wake up too early because of the train? Do you frequently shop in businesses you dislike because your preferred supermarket is now too far away? These are all indications that you may be living in the wrong house or that your area may be problematic.

Utility Availability

Do you have well water in your new home? When you bought it, you were relieved not to have to pay hefty utility costs, but you now understand that you are in charge of any well system repairs. What if you need to move the well system and redrill the well? Do you detest having to hire someone to come out and install your water softener or carry around the equipment yourself? Your town may be contemplating a utility expansion in your neighborhood, which could increase your tax burden by an additional $20,000 over the ensuing decades. These are warning signals that you could be in the wrong home.

Structural Issues

Maybe you are completely happy with the home you bought, enjoy your area, and have no upcoming utility concerns… nonetheless, you’ve just become aware of a fissure in the floorboard at the front entrance. Perhaps you think it is just caulk shrinking. Then, a few months later, the crack widens more and more. If your foundation sinking? Settling is very common in Louisiana and tree roots from the big live oaks can be a huge issue too. Other signs include cracks in the ceiling or fractures around the windows; these are all minor signs that your home may have structural problems. Pier and beam houses tend to have more issues that slab houses, but cracks in the brick can be a sign that you should have a foundation company come out. These are also indications that you might not be in the right home.

How To Escape The Wrong House in Baton Rouge?

Baton Rouge and Louisiana in general have plenty of cash buyers for houses in any shape. These purchasers are a terrific way to quickly get out of the incorrect property but be ready to take less than full market value. By taking the house off your hands, they will help you save a lot of time and hassle. You might be able to move your loan to a different lender or modify your mortgage. If you believe the seller or real estate agent knowingly deceived you, you have the right to sue them. If the inspector’s report did not reveal the significant structural problems, you also may have the right to sue (check with your lawyer). If it’s not the correct moment to sell the wrong property, renting out a space or the entire house could be a fantastic option until the market recovers and interest rates come back down.

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