Do we actually BUY HOUSES and what do we do with them?

Do We Actually Buy Houses and What Do We Do With Them?

Do we actually BUY HOUSES and what do we do with them?

Video Transcript

Hey Y’all, Travis Steinemann here with BuyHousesBR LLC, today I’m going to talk about the most common question I get. It is, “Do you actually buy houses, and what do you do with them?”.

So the first thing that we do is we do buy houses, with cash, and we buy them as is, usually as an investment. I am a real estate investor as well as a real estate agent and what I love to do is buy houses to keep and hold as rentals. You see those “we buy houses” signs, a lot of those people aren’t real estate investors but we actually buy houses in Baton Rouge. If it doesn’t work out as a rental, which not every house can be a rental, some of them are too expensive vs the rents that they can get, and others are in neighborhoods that I don’t really want to invest in, but we still want to help you.

The other two options go along with that. The next one is we can renovate it ourselves. We still pay you in cash, renovate the property ourselves, then we will list it and sell it as a fix and flip. That works, it is not our primary strategy, but in some cases we do do that and this project that I’m in right now is… we’re not sure if it’s going to be a rental or a flip. We’re making it nice enough that we can do either with it, so we’ll see on this one. But uh, in general we prefer rentals over flips.

There are some houses though that just don’t fit what we’re trying to do. So with those, we still want to be able to help you guys. We still want to give you options. We have a network of other investors in Baton Rouge, in Lafayette, in New Orleans, all these places who are interested in buying all sorts of houses that don’t fit my business model. So a lot of times, say you want $85,000 for your house, uh in cash. So I’ll go to these people, tell them hey, I have a house under contract for $85,000, I’ll sell it to you for $90,000, so I make 5 grand, they get your house, you get the cash, and everyone is happy.

That’s another one of our strategies that we do when we have too many projects going on or the house just doesn’t fit our strategy, our level of finish. Like we like making our places pretty nice. If there’s a house in a bad area we might not be able to do it to our standards economically, so in those cases we will bring in another investor.

So far we’ve done 9 deals since June and we were able to close on all of them, we didn’t have to back out of any contracts, all of them closed in 30 days or fewer, and we never had to go back to our seller and say hey you need to reduce the price. Uh it was always the agreed upon amount. So when you work with us, regardless of the way we get rid of your property, you’re going to get your cash and everyone is going to be happy.

Alright, if this is interesting to you, you can give us a call. My number is 225-288-7209, and I would love to take a look at your property. Alright thanks a lot.

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