Creative Holiday Themed Open House Ideas for Baton Rouge

If you are trying to sell a Baton Rouge house during the winter months, you might want to incorporate a few festive touches into your open house. We have put together some creative holiday themed open house ideas to help you sell your Baton Rouge house fast!

Common knowledge says the holiday season is a bad time to list a house, however, if you do it correctly, it can be an awesome time with little competition! Some people want to buy before the end of the year and relocate during winter break. It can help with taxes, and be easier than moving during the early year post vacation catch up period. Finding these people is the key to selling. This time of year is also the best time to offer a warm and welcoming home with some creative staging. Creativity is key, and will make your property stand out!

As with any open house or home showing, it is important to engage the prospective buyer’s senses. The holiday season is the most wonderful time of the year to incorporate elements that will do just that!

How to Host a Holiday Themed Open House in Baton Rouge

Think Warm and Cozy

Even Louisiana gets cold in December and January. Your main goal should be to make your property feel warm and welcoming. Crank up the thermostat, stage the house with fuzzy blankets, fluffy pillows, and other items that make your prospective buyers want to curl up with a book and a cup of hot cocoa. Light the fireplace if you have one, even electric fireplaces help the vibe. Electric fireplaces are also an advantage on hot days, where it still makes it feel cozy but won’t necessarily make the home hot.

Really Think About The Lighting

Everyone loves natural light, but with shorter days, you don’t have a ton of it available in the winter. You should think about adding lights strategically to brighten the home. Try different types of bulbs as well, since a soft white bulb will have a very different feel than daylight or cool white. The softer bulbs typically make things feel more cozy, and especially bring out natural woods. Often, kitchens and bathrooms have cool white and bedrooms have soft white.

Incorporate Seasonal Smells

Do you like the smell of fresh baked cookies or bread? What about Vanilla or pine? Most people do, and you should use oils or candles to add a little scent to the home. Keep the scents mild, since some people have more sensitive noses, and you don’t want to turn anyone off. Also don’t mix a bunch of scents.

Offer Comfort Food

There is nothing like coming inside from the cold and being welcomed with gourmet cookies or biscotti and hot cocoa, apple cider, or a nice coffee. They remind people of past holidays, and really help get the brain in a good place. After a day of viewing 2-4 houses, I will remember the one that had yummy cookies and recharged my energy levels with a shot of caffeine.


You may be one of those people who starts blasting Christmas music and puts up the tree in October, but not everyone is as enthusiastic. Don’t put Mariah Carey’s Christmas album on repeat. Some people absolutely love Christmas music, but others avoid it at all costs. Keep things low-key. Instrumental versions are nice or choose to have light classical music playing in the background. The music shouldn’t be distracting, just a little background noise if anything.

Depersonalize The Decorations

Decorate with minimal seasonal items. Think of classic looks you might find gracing the pages of catalog ads. Traditional, wintery and clean. Keep your “Baby’s First Christmas” ornament in the box until the showings are over. You want to make everyone feel welcome and personalized things make potential buyers feel like they are intruding. Religious decorations also shouldn’t be too overpowering, since you want to create a warm open environment for as many potential buyers as possible. We aren’t trying to ruin your Holidays though, you can always put your personal items back after the showing.

Hold Off On a Tree

A traditional tree can be large and cumbersome. Usually, furniture is moved around and rearranged, making spaces look cluttered and not as welcoming. Unless you have a wide open room with plenty of EXTRA space for a tree, you might want to consider a small, tabletop version instead.

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