How To Sell Your House Without Any Property Showings In Baton Rouge

Having strangers parade through your house when you want to sell it, is a huge downfall of listing with a Baton Rouge real estate agent. Learn how to sell your house without any property showings or hassles in our latest post!

It is an accepted fact that property showings are part of selling you house. But what if we told you they didn’t have to be? Nobody wants tens or hundreds of strangers walking through their home. Below, we offer several tips to help you sell your house without any property showings in Baton Rouge.

This is one house we were able to buy directly, and close in 30 days!

Utilize An Open House Instead

What if you want to still list, but don’t want a hundred showings? You could just do one big open house! Then, you would be able to show your house to many potential buyers in one day. This has a couple advantages. One is that a large crowd would make it seem like your house is in high demand, so it could increase potential buyers urgency to make an offer. However, this strategy has some negatives as well. One is that if nobody shows up, you don’t have a very good chance of selling your house. Another is that you still have many strangers wandering through your home, and items can go missing. A lot of sellers feel an intrusion of privacy when so many people are parading through their homes, so make sure you plan accordingly if you want to host an open house.

Create Outstanding Virtual Tours

Some sellers in Baton Rouge try to sell their houses sight unseen. The best way to do this is by creating an awesome virtual tour video, as well as having tons of pictures of the home. You would have the best success by hiring a professional company to create video walkthroughs with professional quality video. Drones also have become popular to get birds eye views of the property, and even are used on the interior at times.

Disclose Everything

Buying a house is usually a person’s biggest purchase in life. When they are purchasing site unseen, they want to make sure they are getting something that is valuable, and the best way to do that is by disclosing any defects the property has. You definitely want to highlight the positives of the property, but when the buyers can’t physically walk through, they will want to know everything that they will have to fix. It also is mandatory to disclose anything you know that is wrong, so you risk a lawsuit if you aren’t honest.

Have An Inspection Done

Another way to make buyers feel at ease with your house when they can’t walk through is to hire a home inspector to perform a full inspection. You can share this report with buyers, which would give them reassurance from a neutral, knowledgeable third party. This also can tell you as the seller what needs to be repaired and what potential buyers might ask about.

Sell Your House Directly

Although it isn’t for everyone, as a seller, you may benefit greatly from choosing a direct sale. Our process is a little different. We will likely come to see the property in person to do our inspection, but we do not ask you to fix it up or do any of the cleaning. You can leave it as dirty as you want as we see past that to the true potential of the home. We will handle all of the details, making the selling process as simple as possible for you.

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