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We all move for different reasons such as needing more square footage, upgrading your residence, or a job change.  The list is endless, and while moving is exciting, the transferring of our possessions can be difficult no matter how close or far you are going.  In this post, it’s our intention to give you a few tips to make your move smooth, simple, and less stressful.  


1) Pack like a pro:

When moving long distance, packing can be overwhelming and there are a couple of ways to do it. You could just throw everything into boxes and hope for the best, or you can be methodical and organized. We are going to give you a couple of tips for the latter option.  

One concern people have is packing fragile items such as plates, picture frames, and glassware.  A tip to downsize the number of boxes you are using while protecting these items is using your bath towels, hand towels, or even some of your t-shirts to wrap the items in.  It isn’t glamorous but it saves money on bubble wrap and extra boxes.  It’s a good idea to consolidate when you can with what you have.

Another good opportunity to consolidate is with your kitchen items.  Large Tupperware bowls and pots are a good place to store utensils and seasonings from your kitchen.  It’s a way to keep your kitchen items in the same place.  

For your closet, keeping all your hanging clothes on their hangers, pushing them together, and slipping a garbage bag around them is a cool trick.  All you have to do when putting these clothes back in your new closet is hang them up and take the garage bag off.  Really simple.  

Example of how to move hanging clothes.

There are so many great tips for packing.  If you want to check out some more helpful tips, click on this video we found: 30 Moving Tips that Will Make Your Life Easier

2) Downsize: 

Downsizing items can be hard.  When moving across town, you may be able to justify keeping more, but when moving to a neighboring state or across the country, this is the moment to downsize.  The hardest part is deciding what needs to be thrown out, sold, given away, or what should be kept.  Here are some things to think about when it comes to downsizing. 

Can you afford to take it? Some furniture costs more to move than the actual value of the item.  This is a good opportunity to sell the item or give it to someone you know.  

Another thing to think about, does the item have sentimental value?  If it is a family heirloom or keepsake then these items have emotional value making them irreplaceable so it’s understood you are bringing them with you.  However if the item is something you’ve owned for a long time and haven’t gone looking for it or needed it in six months or more, this could be a good indication that it can be let go.  Here is a good blog post on decluttering that you may find useful during your move:  How to Declutter When You Have Trouble Letting Go of Things

3) Take heed when hiring movers:

Movers are very useful and can make the act of moving long distance easier.  However something to consider is keeping items with sentimental value or expensive jewelry with you, if possible.  These items can get lost or damaged in the move so if you can’t keep them with you then get them insured and also put your name and address on all of your boxes when utilizing a moving company.  

4) If possible, drive your car:

Shipping a car can get very expensive and sometimes shipping companies will wait until they have enough vehicles to ship so they can move them all at once.  It can be frustrating being in a new city or state without a vehicle so we suggest to take your vehicle with you and make it fun.  Plan out a road trip and do a little sightseeing if you have enough time.  This can make your move even more exciting and an experience you won’t easily forget. When I was younger my family moved from California to Ohio, and drove the whole way! We stopped in several national parks, and I even hit it big on a slot machine in the lobby of our hotel in Nevada (but I wasn’t old enough to gamble at the time to don’t tell the Nevada gaming commission). It is a way to make something not fun (moving), a memorable positive experience. 

5) Be prepared to buy some new things:

Even if it feels like you brought everything from your old place to your new place, some stuff just doesn’t make it.  You’re making a pizza, take it out of the oven, and realize you don’t have a pizza cutter.  You wash your hands in the bathroom and realize there is no hand towel rod or ring on the wall.  Then, the windows need curtain rods and curtains.  Next thing you know, you’re driving back and forth from the local superstore to grab these items.  This happens at almost every new place people move and that’s okay.  Keep this in mind and tuck away some extra money for these expenses.  

Here’s a quick and easy checklist to help and give you an idea on what to budget for: New Home Essentials Checklist 

6) Be patient:

Moving into a new town or state can be overwhelming physically and emotionally.  You’ll be inclined to unpack as much as you can to feel settled, but the truth is, it can take people months to unpack all of their boxes and it’s not because people are lazy.  Some items they brought from their new home may require new shelves or furniture.  Designing your new space and making it feel like home can take awhile so be patient.  Take some breaks from packing and go on a little adventure in your new town.  Find some parks nearby or search the area for a new favorite restaurant.  It’ll take away the stress of unpacking and let you enjoy your new town.  

Thanks for reading our 6 Tips for Moving Long Distance.  We hope this gave you some helpful tips and things to keep in mind, and most of all, we hope you enjoy your new home.  

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