Why Won’t My House Sell In Baton Rouge?

You’re trying to sell a Baton Rouge Louisiana house that just won’t sell?

Right now we are in a confused market. One month it’s a seller’s market, and the next it’s a buyers market. The uncertainty due to COVID-19 is confusing sellers, buyers, and the market. Buyers think, “I need to buy now before the prices shoot back up when Corona is over”, while sellers think, “Everything seems almost back to normal, I can probably list now”. Or in some cases it is the opposite. Some buyers are holding off thinking that prices will go down as foreclosures begin again, and some sellers are also holding off because they want to wait until the market is stable.

So you have your house listed, but can’t get it sold?

These tips could be just what you need to help you sell your Baton Rouge home.

Think… Clean, neutral, reasonably priced. Also don’t use pictures from your cell phone!

Why won’t my house sell in Baton Rouge? – 6 Tips To Cure It

1) Get good help.

In every housing boom, there are novice agents and investors rushing into the market trumpeting that they know what they’re doing.

They don’t. Props to them for taking action, but they face a steep learning curve with the nuances of financing, deal structure, and most importantly evaluation. They may tell you they can pay or sell your house for $280,000 when it is only worth $240,000. Then the financing falls through once the bank appraisal reveals that. Odds are good that real estate is your biggest investment – don’t trust just anyone’s advice. If you want great results, partner with the pros.

2) Don’t make too many improvements.

Some things add value to homes, and other things do not. If you live in a neighborhood that has laminate counters, installing granite with a custom backplash in your kitchen may not actually add more to the value of the house than it did to the cost. You may think you have a great eye for improvements and are artistic, but what sells is neutral and what conforms to the other houses in the neighborhood. When you customize, you alienate buyers. That orange bedroom may be great for your son, but first time home buyers will be turned off and buy something that they won’t have to repaint.

3) Do make necessary improvements.

Nobody wants to buy a car with dents and ripped seats, just like nobody wants to buy a house with mismatched outlet covers, pops from the drywall tape on the ceiling, and especially broken windows. It doesn’t have to be a new house, but everything should match and look like it is well taken care of.

Hire a professional home inspector, and show off the healthy home report (or fix it until it is a healthy home report). This goes a long way towards establishing confidence that they’re making a good purchase. It is well worth the $300.

4) Style and design matters.

Curb appeal is as important as the inside – so don’t neglect one part of the property to improve the other. Give buyers a cohesive impression of great style. Paint the walls (neutral, but maybe with an accent wall), update the landscaping, and most of all – keep it immaculately clean. Consider hiring a professional designer to help tastefully stage the property.

5) Pricing matters a lot.

The biggest reason a house will not sell is because you are priced too high. A good tip to figure out if this is the case is to follow up with everyone who looks at your property about why they did not offer. You will soon find the culprit, and it usually is price (or that orange bedroom).

6) Every property will sell – eventually.

There’s no magic formula (although proper valuation is as close as you can get to one) – but there’s no substitute for experience.

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